Manon your skills teacher

Hi, I’m Manon your skills teacher. Learning new skills means investing in yourself and creating succes in your personal and business life. I’m here for you to support and teach you along the way.

For over 8 years I have been teaching and training students, professionals and teams in developing their skills. My name is Manon, 37 years old and I’m from the Netherlands. I was lucky enough to be able to travel to over 30 countries, live and work in 4 different countries, learn languages, cultures and with that I created a wonderful network of friends all over the world. 

Everyday I train students and young professional so they can have a successful career launch, get their promotion, get their dream job, find succes and in the end create the life they want. Is this possible for everyone? Yes it is! I did it, so can you. I had a successful career launch with finding my dream job. Soon I got promoted and for over 8 years I work as a high level manager. I wanted to create a life that suits me and that I’m passionate about so I started my own training business with Built to Learn.

I trained people from so many countries. Now I travel the world online, meeting students from all over the world. I’m an online skills teacher and I offer private lessons and online courses. Developing and strengthening skills brings so much value to your personal and business life.I love to support you in this. I know from experience that everyone learns differently and therefore with Built to Learn I do not only offer affordable learning opportunities but it’s small scale and personal so I guarantee a learning environment that fits you. 

You only have one teacher me, and together we create a perfect fitted learning plan so you can reach your personal and business goals. 
I look forward meeting you and hearing all about your wishes, goals and plans. Do you want to get the career you want, get that promotion, succes and create a life your dreaming off? Book your lesson today and make it happen!

I hope to meet you soon! Warmest regards, Manon your skills teacher