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Be the confident leader who is in control over their responsibilities and make valuable impact on all levels

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When you were thinking of becoming a leader, making an impact and be a great boss to many the reality is different. In a senior leadership position you deal on a day to day basis with a lot of people management challenges. There is not a day one of your employees doesn’t have some problems to discuss. As a leader you face a high workload, responsibilities and the ongoing struggle in stakeholder management. 

Let’s be honest, as a leader you got a lot on your plate and there can be days there is just too much nonsense you have to deal with. One of my clients who is responsible for a team of 300 people, once told me: the amount of problems my people have is taken too much time and focus away from what I want to be doing. I always thought that I would be a different leader, someone who people look up to, being inclusive, making an impact and have ongoing success. 

Every leader has their own challenges. You have a great opportunity to be the leader that people really value and where you make great impact on all levels. 

Leadership coaching

Being a confident leader who is inspires peers, makes a valuable impact, who is able to control their workload and responsibilities. A leader who is able to create bridges and has strong honest relationships which drives results to the ultimate high. Does that sound like a leader you aspire to be? 

Whether you feel stressed, not in controle, not the inspiring leader you thought you would be and lost in the whole people management part because it is taking away from actually doing your work, within just 3 months you can take back control, become the leader you aspire to be. 

You are a high performer, ambitious and established as a leader but right now you’re questioning your leadership. 

Here’s how leadership coaching will benefit you

Leadership coaching program

Within just 3 months you take back control over your leadership and become the confident leader who is controle over their responsibilities and has a positive impact on yourself and others. 

Coaching is a partnership. Therefore I’ll always call with my clients before I start working with them. If you’re successful and happy in reaching all over your goals then I’m happy and successful as well. In an online 30 minute call we can discover if we want to work together. When you choose a leadership coach it’s important you feel that this is the right person in this time of your career. 

I work with highly ambitious, driven and experienced leaders in the Tech, Finance and manufacturing industry. There are a few things you can expect when working with me. My programs take you from frustration, stress, and a lack of energy to confidence, productivity, and clear vision so you can easily make steps forward quickly.

First of all, Ill give it to you straight. We communicate honestly, openly, and clearly so you get the best result. I always say no BS because you want to be happy with your career and life! A safe learning environment is a key to this success. Secondly, I bring years of experience as a Senior Leader and coach. Ill help you succeed in every move you want to make in just three months. Difficult challenges are made easy.

Career coaching

Here's what you get:

6 bi-weekly or 12 weekly online Zoom calls

Within my program I offer two possibilities. A premium package with 6 bi-weekly calls or the premium plus package with 12 weekly calls. We discuss what would fit you best.

Email support between calls

You’ll have my ongoing support.

BONUS 15 min. motivational call between our calls

There is one thing that you will get as extra support. For years I’ve been coaching and many of my clients felt the need for a quick motivational call throughout their career journey. You have to do the work in order to reach you goals, at the same time I know that sometimes all you need is someone who you can vent to and gives you advice straight up. How this exactly works I will explain to you!

Your investment

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How soon can I start with my coaching program?

I take a limited number of clients at a time. With all of my clients I schedule a free coaching consultation which gives you and me both the opportunity to see if this coaching program is the right fit for you. Therefore during our first consultation we discuss when would be the best time for you to start. 

Can my employer pay for this program through my professional development funds?

Of course! If your focus is to gain a deeper knowledge of yourself as an employee and/or manager, this is a great one-on-one program with a coach who will have an outside perspective. If your employer is sponsoring you for this program, we will work together to ensure you provide the necessary updates.