Frequently asked questions

About Built to Learn
What is Built to Learn?

My name is Manon, founder of Built to Learn. With Built to Learn I want to create an online learning environment where everyone is able to learn and develop skills. Skills such as public speaking, time management, leadership, communication and so on. Another reason why started Built to Learn is offer affordable learning possibilities but still keep it small scale, personal and of great quality.

What does Built to Learn offer?

I offer online private lesson for people all over the world. Private lesson are 35 euros for 1 hour. Your personal learning plan is our focus point and I’m there to support you in reaching your goals.

Next to online private lesson I offer online course which you can follow in your own pace BUT with my personal support and the fun valuable group lesson with people from all over the world.

Who is my teacher?

My name is Manon, 37 years old and from the Netherlands. I’m your teacher whether you follow my private lessons or courses.

I was lucky enough to be able to travel to over 30 countries, live and work in 4 different countries, learn languages, cultures and with that I created a wonderful network of friends all over the world.
After I started my career in the Netherlands I worked for international companies as a manager. But I found my passion 8 years ago in training and teaching. I trained and teached students, professionals and teams from so many countries. Now I travel the world online, meeting students from all over the world.

Private lessons
How do private lessons work?

At the planned lesson we meet each other online though a virtual room on Zoom. Automatically when you book your trial or regular lesson you will receive the link to our virtual classroom. We see each-other live at your lesson time. All you need is a computer, tablet of phone with working video and audio.

Do I need a microphone and video?

Yes you need a device with working microphone and video. We see eachother live online and therefore we can communicate efficiently.

Are my lessons recorded?

Upon your request we can record all lessons. After we finish the lesson you get the request to download the recording and you can save it on your computer.

How long is a private lesson?

All lesson are 1 hour. However if you have specific request on lesson length we discuss in together in our lesson.

In which subjects do you offer support?

Public speaking, communication skills, teamwork and collaboration, time management

For whom are private lesson?

The lesson are for everyone who is interested in developing their skills. People from all over the world join me in private lessons. Students and professionals.

How much does a private lesson cost?

35 euros per lesson.

What payment methods are available?

The following secure payment methods are available: credit card (Visa, Mastercard, AmEx), Ideal, SEPA direct debit (only IBAN is required) and instant bank transfer (just choose bank & you will be redirected).

Can I get a refund when I’m not satisfied?

You can book a trial lesson and if you are not satisfied please let me know directly or within 24 hours after your lesson and you will get a full refund.

How can I book a trial lesson?

Go to private lessons and to the booking form. Select trial lesson and choose your subject which you would like to get lesson on. Book your trial lesson at a time when it suits your schedule.

How can I book a private lesson?

Go to private lesson and to the booking form on the page. Select if you want to book a regular or trial lesson, then choose your subject and a date that suits your schedule. Confirm your booking and make your payment. You have booked your lesson!

How do I get in touch before and after the lesson?

You can always contact me through email If you have a quick message or question through message is also possible. We discuss this further in our first lesson.

I didn’t receive confirmation of my booked lesson in my email?

If you didn’t receive anything please check your spam, sometimes email are directed there. In case the email is not in your spam please send me a message and I will fix it.

Online courses
How do I sign up for an online course?

Go to online courses and select your course. Go to submit for course and you see your course in your shopping cart. Fill in your personal information and confirm with payment for the course. After payment you will receive confirmation in your email and your personal link to the online learning environment.

Why do you offer an early bird discount?

Before I launch a new course I always offer an early bird discount. For the first students who sign up for the course. The early bird discount is only for a couple of weeks and after that you pay the regular price.

I’m not sure if the course fits me, can you help me?

Yes, I love to discuss with you which course would fit best with what you want to learn. Send me a message and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

What payment methods are available?

The following secure payment methods are available: credit card (Visa, Mastercard, AmEx), Ideal, SEPA direct debit (only IBAN is required) and instant bank transfer (just choose bank & you will be redirected).