Study in your own time with the support of your private teacher and student group. After training and teaching for over 8 years I developed 3 online courses to support you in developing your skills. The courses focus on time management, self-discipline, getting things done and my special “Make it Happen” bootcamp program which teaches you everything you need to make your dreams happen.

All courses are online so you can study in your own time BUT you are not doing it alone. You have my personal support and from time to time we have online group lessons so you immediately meet interesting people from all over the world, share experiences and get their advice.


Learn how to set goals, plan and prioritize.

In this online course you will learn how to set goals in an easy yet very powerful way that you actually get excited to start accomplishing it. And you will learn how to make the ultimate action plan and how to prioritize.

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Getting thing done: master self-discipline and learn how to motivate yourself

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