Learning new skills online

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Learning means investing in yourself and creating succes in your personal and business life. Learning new skills online is an effective, fun and easy way.

I’m there for you to support and teach you along the way.

Learning new skills online with private online lessons

Get your results quickly. Learning new skills is super valuable when it comes to being successful in your personal and business life. Learning has never been easier with private 1-1 online lessons. Small scale, personal, affordable and whenever it suits your schedule. I teach public speaking, communication skills, time management, leadership, teamwork and collaboration. My private online lessons are the way to go if you want to learn new skills and make things happen.

Learn new skills online with private lessons


Rated 5 out of 5
22 September 2021

I was looking for a way to develop myself but didn’t know how to. Then I got in contact with Manon and I’m so happy I did. I booked a set of lessons with Manon and this has been the best choice I could make for my personal development.
I highly recommend Manon. She is emphatic, warm and kind. She is also very experienced, traveled the world and brings so much knowledge. She created a place for me to safely learn and I’m so proud of how far I have come.

Rated 5 out of 5
20 September 2021

Manon is a knowledgable, caring and inspiring trainer. She puts theory in practice and helps people to learn by doing. With her classes time passes without knowing. And gives lots of energy after.


Online courses

Learn new skills online with my special designed online courses. Study in your own time with my support and the support of your fellow students. After training and teaching for over 8 years I developed 3 online courses to support you in developing your skills. The courses focus on communication, time management and my special “Make it Happen” bootcamp program which teaches you everything you need to make your dreams happen.

It’s easy to learn new skills online. All courses are online so you can study in your own time BUT you are not doing it alone. You have my personal support and we have online group lessons so you immediately meet interesting people from all over the world, share experiences and get their advice.

Learn new skills in the online courses

The world is within your reach. Make it Happen today. Start today and reach all of your goals.

Meet your teacher

My name is Manon, 37 years old and I’m from the Netherlands. I was lucky enough to be able to travel to over 30 countries, live and work in 4 different countries, learn languages, cultures and with that I created a wonderful network of friends all over the world. 

Everyday I train students and young professionals so they can have a successful career launch, get their promotion, get their dream job, find succes and in the end create the life they want. Is this possible for everyone? Yes it is! I did it, so can you. I had a successful career launch with finding my dream job. Soon I got promoted and for over 8 years I work as a high level manager and trainer. I have created the life that I want with my own business.

Now I travel the world online, meeting students from all over the world as an online skills teacher.

Meet your private teacher, my name is Manon

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