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Executive coach Manon Kuijten

For years I have been coaching leaders within the Tech, Manufacturing, and Finance industries with great passion and commitment. With over 10 years of experience as a Senior Manager myself, I know what challenges are there. 

There are a few things you can expect when working with me. First of all, you’ll work in a partnership with an experienced and trained career coach who is dedicated and there will not be a day that I will not motivate, challenge or inspire you to go above and beyond to reach your career goals. Secondly, I’ll give it to you straight. We communicate honestly, openly, and clearly, so you get the best result. I always say no B.S. because you want to be happy with your career and life! 

You’ll be able to succeed in every challenge you face or career move you want to make in just 3 months. Difficult challenges are made easy.


Leadership and career coaching, what can you expect? Is coaching something that could support the challenges you are facing at the moment? 

You are a high performer, ambitious, and established as a leader but right now you are facing challenges either with your leadership or career.

You might be questioning what you thought you wanted with your career, feel unhappy, unsure of how to make a change, and feel like you’ve lost control of your career. 

As a leader, you might lack purpose and you are not able to make an impact the way you thought you would. Instead, you face a high workload, stress, the ongoing struggle managing top-down and vice versa as well as all the people management challenges. 

With leadership and career coaching in just 3 months you get clarity, self-awareness, perspective, clarity, direction and develop the essential skills you need. When you do the work, you will be able to succeed in reaching what you want within 3 months. 

What are you looking for:

Leadership coaching

Be The Confident Leader Who Is In Control Over Their Responsibilities And Make Valuable Impact On All Levels

Career coaching

Take control over your career and unlock your infinite Potential to create the career you want

Ready to see if we are a good match to work together?

Coaching is a partnership. Therefore I’ll always call my clients before I start working with them. If you’re successful and happy in reaching all your career goals then I’m happy and successful as well. In an online 30-minute call we can discover if we want to work together. When you choose a coach it’s important you feel that this is the right person at this time of your career.

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